Online Couples Therapy

Work with a couples therapist trained in

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Learn how to help your partner understand you.

I love helping partners redevelop genuine understanding

and empathy for each other.

We all have patterns of behavior that can hurt one another.  

Together, we'll find ways to express yourself to help your partner listen in a new way.

Therapy is wonderful for new couples, and for couples who need a restart.

Yes, we will utilize tools that can be used to help ease conflict.

We will also dig a little deeper.  This is called therapy for a reason.

50 Minute Online Sessions Are $210 Via TeleHealth.

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Let's text or email so we can include

your partner when scheduling a session.  

Include your partner's name/phone via text:   


Or, 'cc your partner via email:

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Alejandro was wonderful. He was a very caring and thoughtful therapist. My husband and I found him quite helpful with navigating the ups and downs of the relationship prior to us getting married.

What I appreciated most is that he walks the line between bluntness and kindness so well. I'm a no-nonsense type of person so Alejandro was a really great fit.

Our sessions made us better listeners and allowed us to communicate better without undermining each other's thoughts and feelings. We definitely would recommend him for couples therapy. He was a great listener and compassionate. He was also flexible and accommodating of our different schedules. Awesome person and therapist.

My partner and I have been going to Alejandro since August for couples counseling and it has helped our relationship and how we communicate tremendously. We are incredibly lucky we found someone so great. Highly recommended!

Alejandro was our couple's therapist and I couldn't recommend him enough. I've already sent three different couples to him. He is non-judgmental, empathetic, sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable, professional and engaged.

We highly recommended him to anyone who is ready to make a positive shift in their relationship or looking to improve their communication. We are grateful to have found him.  

Alejandro identifies the source of our conflicts and guides us to create new patterns of behavior. He is very intuitive and figured out the dynamics of our interactions and how to help us pretty quickly. We have had many breakthroughs in our sessions thus far.

I can't say enough about Alejandro. He's personable, patient, and can call the issues at hand out within minutes of listening to you which is a gift.

He is very serious about the subject matter yet can be very casual about his approach and delivery which makes us feel comfortable. I have seen such a great improvement on how we view ourselves and each other. 

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A Note On Online Couples Counseling

Having worked in-person pre-pandemic, I discovered that genuine therapeutic benefits increase

when couples invest in TeleHealth sessions from their own homes.

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Imagine learning how to communicate with your partner in an office.  

Guess when you’ll utilize that new form of communication?    

The answer is - back in that office.

Learn a new way of being with your partner at home, where you'll practice that skill-set together on a regular basis,

and imagine how much faster you’ll learn how to help each other.

online couples counseling at home couples therapylos angeles san francisco
at home couples therapy online marriage counseling los angeles san fransisco

Imagine an office session where you’ve created an understanding that you’ve spent years wishing for,

and instead of enjoying the moment, you’re back in your car, stuck in traffic.  


With TeleHealth, that moment can happen on your own sofa. 

After the session ends, your moment doesn't have to.

at home couples therapy los angeles san francisco
online couples counseling los angeles san francisco

Let’s help you both practice what works and keep the good going even when the session ends.  

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A wonderful benefit of working in Telehealth as a licensed couples therapist in California is that I can work as a couples therapist in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego in the same day.  I can provide online marriage counseling for a couple in Sacramento, or online couples counseling for a new couple moving in together in Culver City.  What matters most is that you are in the same room together with each other for our sessions. 

Happy to meet with you soon.