Talking about yourself can be really hard; it can stress me out too.

  I like to make online therapy sessions as easy-going as possible.

If you feel like a burden, you can't share things with the people in your life,

or you usually keep to yourself, my practice can support you.

...in conflict, feeling hopeless or stuck; learn how to help your partner understand you. 

Rediscover genuine empathy for each other.  It takes work, and it's possible.

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Setting up the first session

I have availability late afternoon/evenings and Saturday.

All sessions are 50 minutes Online via TELEHEALTH from your home.

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INDIVIDUAL ONLINE THERAPY sessions are up to $150 based on what's comfortable for your income.

COUPLES ONLINE THERAPY sessions are $210.

If you're a student click here for alternative rates.

Text at any time:


Just lemme know your name, and if you're looking for individual or couples therapy.

For couples sessions please include your partner's name and contact info.

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A wonderful benefit of working in Telehealth as a licensed couples therapist in California is that I can work as a couples therapist in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego in the same day.  I can provide online marriage counseling for a couple in Sacramento, or online couples counseling for a new couple moving in together in Culver City.  What matters most is that you are in the same room together with each other for our sessions. 

Happy to meet with you soon.    


Insurance is stressful, but if you have a PPO it helps.

This paperwork can be very helpful at covering some the cost. 
You would email your provider each month. 
But check to see if you have a PPO or HMO, this only works for PPO insurance holders.

I provide a Clinical Superbill Invoice for out-of-network insurance reimbursement.