Alejandro Daniel Pina, LMFT 

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My background includes three years as a crisis counselor at a national suicide hotline.  I've learned that a common theme among those in pain is not feeling understood or seen in the world.

I work with many types of couples: interracial, engaged, same-sex, newly-wed, work-from-home, parents, business-partnered, married, new relationship, & couples moving in together.

I work with: millennials, parents, teachers, artists, entertainment professionals, LGBTQ+ community, biracial, Latinx, BIPOC, business owners, college students, post grads, teenagers, & families.

I have experience treating ADHD, anxiety, addiction, childhood abuse, co-dependency, PTSD, self-harm, sexual trauma, and suicidal ideation.  I'm trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.    

We are all on a spectrum of different diagnosable traits and behaviors.

Getting an understanding of where we are on the spectrum can help guide us toward the most productive choices for our lives.

online couples counseling, online marriage counseling, Alejandro Daniel Pina LMFT, Male Marriage Counselor, Male Couples Therapist, Male Therapist Near Me

Online Threapy Sessions are 50 MINUTES


Just lemme know your name and if you're

looking for individual or couples therapy.

Evening and Saturday Availability

Text at any time:


For couples sessions please include

your partner's name and contact info.

He's sincere. And thorough. And real.
I initially envisioned finding a good therapist to be a long and arduous process--but meeting with Alejandro made it pretty simple. The work has been so meaningful.

Every session is supportive and safe but also really challenging which i didn't really know that i needed.  Beyond being able to feel 100% supported in saying whatever is on my mind and what i'm struggling with, Alejandro has a tremendous skill at coaxing out deeper, sometimes hidden feelings that i struggle to access, let alone articulate.

Alejandro is my first ever therapist and I'm considered lucky to find the right one in the first try. He is genuine and is very supportive. He really holds you accountable as far as doing the hard work. He was able to give me tools that helped me connect and find clarity.

Alejandro's compassion and ability to hold space for others is totally disarming. His energy is warm, grounded and connected; his approach both kind and straightforward.

I was in a dark place during the time of our sessions, and despite me having trauma related to men, I felt like I could show emotions in front of him and receive a lot of positive reinforcement. He helped me reach more than just a diagnosis, but a new understanding of myself that I apply today.

His insights were sharp and skillful, and often left me aware of perspectives that brought me peace of mind, inspiration, and a better understanding of myself and those around me, while seeing better paths through places I'd felt stuck.

I definitely recommend working with him!

Alejandro Pina has been my counselor in mental health for just over a year now, he has helped me feel understood and sane in my growth as a woman and in my process to understanding the world around me.

I came to him tangled in emotions and fears I couldn't unknot, and through his thoughtful questions, patient ear, and astute understanding, our sessions have profoundly helped me trust, find ease and confidence, open myself to others, and better understand and care for myself.

Alejandro is a great therapist! He is very personable and patient, which makes it easy and comfortable to open up to him. He can help you dive deeper into your emotions to uncover how you are really feeling and ultimately lead you to a better understanding of yourself.  

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