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  • Writer's pictureAlejandro Daniel Pina, LMFT

Benefits of Online Couples Counseling vs. In Person

Having worked in-person pre-pandemic, I discovered that genuine therapeutic benefits increase when couples invest in TeleHealth sessions from their own homes.

Imagine learning how to communicate with your partner in an office. Guess when you’ll utilize that new form of communication? The answer is - back in that office.

Learn a new way of being with your partner at home, where you'll practice that skill-set together on a regular basis, and imagine how much faster you’ll learn how to help each other.

Imagine an office session where you’ve created an understanding that you’ve spent years wishing for, and instead of enjoying the moment, you’re back in your car, stuck in traffic. With TeleHealth, that moment can happen on your own sofa. After the session ends, your moment doesn't have to.

Let’s help you both practice what works and keep the good going even when the session ends.

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