Alejandro Daniel Pina, LMFT 


Alejandro Daniel Pina, AMFT, MFTi, marriage and family therapist, counselor, atwater, los angeles, sliding scale, feel understood

My background includes three years as a crisis counselor at a national suicide hotline.  I've learned that a common theme among those in pain is not feeling understood or seen in the world.

I work with teenagers, college students, millennials, artists, entertainment professionals, LGBTQ community, couples, familieslow-income, and immigrant populations.

I have experience treating ADHD, anxiety, addiction, childhood abuse, co-dependency, disassociation, PTSD, self-harm, sexual trauma, and suicidal ideation.  

We are all on a spectrum of different diagnosable traits and behaviors.

Getting an understanding of where we are on the spectrum can help guide us toward the most productive choices for our lives.